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Berkshire Museum Art Goes to Auction

Ruth Osborne After we’d covered in detail the case of the Berkshire Museum deaccession crisis and court case, it only seemed fitting that we saw their 40 works of art off yesterday and today at auction at Sotheby’s in New York. According to reports over the past year, the Museum needs about $2 mil for […]

Holding the Public’s Interest: The Show of Art Conservation

Ruth Osborne We reported a few years ago on the well-publicized (and well-sponsored) treatment of large canvases by Jackson Pollock from the MoMA (NYC) and Seattle Art Museum collections.  These were Pollock’s One: Number 31, 1950, and his Sea Change (1947), respectively. In the case of the SAM restoration, it was asserted this work was in “danger of […]

Who Gets the Conservation Dollars??

Ruth Osborne The Bank of America Conservation funding program has been lauded for providing large numbers of museums around the world with grant money to restore works in their collections. This program has been going on since 2010 (see here for our earlier background article). While no numbers or even estimates of these funds is […]

Another Loss for Arts Stewardship: La Salle’s Sale

Ruth Osborne The art world seems to be laughing (or crying?) at yet another museum’s plan to sell a large chunk of important masterworks from its collection in order to add to their endowment to benefit something other than its art. La Salle University, founded 1863 in Philadelphia, has had a museum on its campus since […]

Fragonard’s Layers & the Promotion of Conservation Treatments

Ruth Osborne X-Rays. Lasers. Multi-Spectral Imaging. We’ve posted on these before: how newly developed technologies like the Er:YAG laser are promoted with such “promising” results, despite persisting doubts from other conservation professionals as well as publications on the risks of its application. At ArtWatch UK, past coverage has highlighted the business interests involved in conservation […]

Museum Mismanagement On Trial: The Berkshire Museum Taken to Court.

Ruth Osborne Thomas Wilmer Dewing, The White Dress, 1901. Courtesy: Berkshire Fine Arts. The story of the Berkshire Museum’s massive deaccession sale and change of mission over the past 5 months has been one that mirrors a rapidly tottering see-saw.   We reported a few months back on the Berkshire Museum’s planned sale of 40 […]