Tour of Verrocchio’s David to be Extended

“Washington National Gallery has announced in a press release dated 18 July 2003 that Andrea del Verrocchio’s David will be on the road even longer than originally expected.

“”Discoveries”” made during the current restoration of the David, mostly related to the hypothesis about the original location of Goliath’s head and the technique of the gilding, appeared in the press in February of this year, coinciding with an announcement of plans to ship the work for the first time. The High Museum in Atlanta contributed to the funding of the restoration, in return for the opportunity to exhibit the work in its inaugural US visit beginning in November 2003.

Notwithstanding the already risky premise of shipping the statue, the decision has recently been made to add yet another venue to its upcoming tour before returning to its home, the Bargello in Florence. In return for helping to “”defray”” the expenditures of the High Museum, not only for the restoration, but also for the catalogue, Washington’s National Gallery will host its own exhibition of the bronze in February and March of 2004.”

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